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    The production of the cinnamon is in Induruwa on the West Coast of Sri Lanka. Every step in the production of the cinnamon from our farm is produced 100% by hand. By running this farm we support five families. You are warmly welcome to come and see our farm and even make your own cinnamon stick.

    How we produce?

    100% made in Sri Lanka

    100% hand made

    100% with biological fertilizer, aka chicken poo...

    100% delivered directly from the farm

    100% healthy

    We have a special love for animals, and especially for the dogs.

    Everyday we support around 30-40 dogs in the area with food. If they need and injection, medicine, go to the doctor or have a surgery, we look after them. By buying our products, you automatically support the dogs in the area.

    Cinnamon Experience

    You always wanted to experience how cinnamon is produced, well now is your time. Come and stay at our farm, off the beaten track, in the midst of a 5 acre plantation. Wake up to the birds song and to the tranquility of the cinnamon trees around. You can enjoy a day together with the workers. Understand how much work and effort is behind only one kilo of cinnamon powder.

  • Cinnamon is very healthy

    From Sri Lanka with Love!


    for your health

    Anti fungal

    for your body

    Anti inflammatory

    for your strength

    Activates blood circulation

    for your life

    Calming effect

    for your balance

    Supports digestion

    for your soul

  • The Duwabedda Estate

    Every part of the process is hand made


    The view is magical

    Cinnamon - Spices

    Home grown in Sri Lanka

    Ready for Export

    High Ceylon Cinnamon Quality

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